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Hungarian Nationals 2016!

If you don't have a full registration (with full and accepted WCA registration and arrived payment before the deadline of online registration) but would like to compete, you can register at the venue with a higher registration fee.

Conditions of the on-site registration:

- For competitors: for 1 day: 3000 HUF, for 2 days: 4.000 HUF
- In every case we will need a document to identify you. (e.g. passport, ID card)
- If you have competed before at an official WCA competition, we will need your WCA ID.
- The registration for an event is only possible until 10 minutes before the start of the event.

Online registration-related rules:

1. Cancellation: If you register for the competition but you cannot come and you inform us by e-mail until the 15th of March, 2016. - 23:59, we will transfer back the half of the paid fee.

2. Editing registration with adding day: The same way as you paid your registration fee you need to pay the +1.000 HUF and write us an e-mail to the hungarianopen.info@gmail.com address until the 8th of April, 2016. - 23:59 with the events you want to add.

3. Editing registration with removing a day: Please write an e-mail to the hungarianopen.info@gmail.com e-mail address with the affected events and if you inform us before the 15th of March, 2016. - 23:59, we will transfer back the half of the fee. (500 HUF)

4. Registrations without payments: The registrations without payments will be deleted after the deadline of the registration. (8th of April, 2016. - 23:59)

5. Payments without registrations or with incomplete registrations: If there will be payments without full WCA registrations after the deadline of the registration we will transfer back the 50% of the paid money to the back account the money is from.

6. Registration with WCA Accounts without connected WCA IDs: If you already have a WCA ID but you do not ask for pairing that to your WCA Account, your registration will be considered incomplete. (According to the 3. step of the Registration procedure)

Deadline of the online registration was:
8th of April, 2016. - 23:59*

Competitors, under 18 years can only compete, if they have a signed parent consent. You can find a sample here: Parent consent

*This deadline applies to the changing requests about the registered events and to the grouping as well.