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Hungarian Nationals 2016!
Frequently Asked Questions

1) With what average can I compete at the competition?
Anyone with any time result can participate at the competition. If you like the Rubik's Cube and would like to meet others who like it as well, you should come. :)

2) How can I register for the competition?
You can find a detailed description on the Registration site.

3) I didn't get a confirmation e-mail about my registration. What should I do now?
You will get a conformation e-mail when we get your registration and when we accept your registration. The first one is send automatically and you get it immediately, but the second one is not as fast, there are cases when you have to wait even a few days. (Because accepting registrations is not automatic, organizers have to do it individually.) Please be patient and wait, we will inform you as soon as we can.

4) I registered but cannot see my name on the list on registered competitors. What should I do?
Accepting registrations is not automatic, one of the organizers have to approve every registration (after receiving the registration fee). That can take for even a few days, please wait patiently!

5) I don't know my WCA ID. How can I find it?
If you have competed before, you can write in your name on the WCA website in the search box and you can find it. (It' a 10 character long text.)
If you have not competed before you don't have a WCA ID, so there is no need to get one for the registration. You will get a WCA ID automatically, after the competition results have been posted.

6) I want to edit my registration. How can I do that?
If you want to change something on your registration and it's not affecting the number of the days for you have registered, just write an e-mail to the hungarianopen.info@gmail.com e-mail address with the changes. (Changing your events is only possible until the deadline of the registration.)

7) What should I do if I registered for 1 day, but I want to compete on the 2nd day as well?
In this case you should write an e-mail to the hungarianopen.info@gmail.com e-mail address with the event(s) which needs to be added, and send us the extra 1.000 HUF the same way as you paid your registration . (You have to provide all the info that you did provide for the first payment. Changing your events is only possible until the deadline of the registration.)

8) What should I do if I'm registered for 2 days but I can be there just for 1 day?
In this case you should write an e-mail to the hungarianopen.info@gmail.com e-mail address with the event(s) which needs to be removed and we will transfer back half of the registration fee (500 HUF). (It's only possible before the 15th of March, 2016 - 23:59)

9) If I registered online does it mean that I don't have to register at the venue?
No, the online registration and the on-site registration are required as well. The on-site registration means that:
- You sign the attendance list
- If you are under 18 years old we ask for you Parent Consent.
- If it's your first competition we have to check an ID card with a picture to check your identity, your correct Name, Birthdate.
- If you have any debit from former competitions you have to pay it there.

10) When should I arrive to the competition?
You have to arrive at least 20-30 minutes before your first event, because registration can take for a few minutes. And if it's you first competition or you are not confident with the regulations please be at the venue at 14:00 on Saturday or at 8:00 on Sunday, because we will make a small demonstration on how the competition runs and summarize the regulations. (It doesn't exempts you from reading the WCA Regulations.)

11) If I'm not competing on Saturday, then I don't need to be there on Saturday, do I?
If you are not competing on Saturday of course you don't have to be there, it's enough to come on Sunday.

12) If I'm competing on Sunday only, but I would like to be there on Saturday as well, than do I need to pay the registration fee for 2 days?
In this case you don't need to pay the registration fee for 2 days, just of 1 day, but you have to pay the spectator fee at the venue for the other day.

13) If I will compete on Sunday only, can I judge or scramble on Saturday?
No, because only competitors are allowed to judge and scramble, and on Saturday you will not be a competitor.

14) What should I bring with me to the competition?
If it's your first competition you will need to bring some kind of card/paper with photo for identification (ID Card, Student Card, Passport), if you are under 18 years you will need a Parent consent, and your puzzles. (On the competition everybody uses their own puzzles.)

15) I've read in the WCA Regulations that if someone is not competing exactly, they have to help in judging/scrambling. Is it true?
Yes. Every event is divided into groups, so you will compete in one and need to help in the other(s).

16) How can I know in which group I'm assigned to compete in?
We will send you the grouping on the week before the competition.

17) Is it possible to use one of my friends puzzle for competing? If you have a request like this, please write an e-mail to hungarianopen.info@gmail.com e-mail address before the 8th of April, 2016 and we will make the grouping according to that.

18) When should I pay the registration fee?
The registration fee should be paid online. You can find a detailed description on the Registration site.

19) How many spectators can come with a competitor?
This number is not limited, but please keep in mind that the capacity of the venue is limited and if there will be too much spectators we cannot provide them seats.

20) How is the competition running exactly?
If you are a newcomer, you can find a tutorial video here.

21) Will be there any unofficial events at the competition, like Mosaic, Team-blind or Super solve?
No, these events will be held during Hungarian Open 2016 at fall. The only unofficial event will be Senior competition in 3x3x3

22) Who will be honored at the competition?
The podium of every event will get a certificate and a medal.

23) Should I wait for the Winning Ceremony?
No, if you finished with your events and you will not be awarded you can go home of course.

24) Will there be a recommended accommodation for the competition?
No, the reservation of accommodation will be made individually. You can find a suitable accommodation on the booking.com website.

25) The 200 competitors limit is valid for the events separately?
No, this number is valid for the total number of the registered competitors.
For example: If there are 200 registered competitors for the competition, but for the 2x2x2 event there are 190 registered competitor only, we can not accept more registration for the 2x2x2 event neither. (In this case we can only accept registrations for the 3x3x3 event only until the 250 competitors limitation.)

26) How long does it take to accept my registration?
Choosing the bank transfer option, it could take 3-4 business day for an international transfer to arrive. Pairing up the money with the registrant takes also 1-2 days, which means that the registration takes maximum 1 week. Since getting the information from the card payments take 3-4 days too, choosing that option also can take 1 week maximum.

27) Where will I get my ticket? Should I take it over at the RubikShop's receiving place?
Of course you shouldn't. You will get your ticket at the competition.

28) My parents/friends want to come to the competition as guests. Where can they buy a ticket?
You cannot buy it pre-emption, just at the venue.