HO Welcome to the website of
Hungarian Open 2016!

To provide you fun during the competition, we prepaed some unofficial events this year as well:

  • Mosaic Building:

  • Description of the game: In Mosaic Building we give you 572 pieces* (26x22) of Rubik's Cube for a 1,5 hour period. During this time you can built the imagined picture with using the stickers of the cubes as pixels.

    We will make photos of each pictures and the judges will decide the ranking by scoring the creations according to the following criterias:
    1) Originality/Creativity 2) Difficulty/ Image complexity 3) Design

    The conditions of attempting the event:

    • We are waiting for applications from 2, 3 or 4 person teams.
    • Only the competitors of Hungarian Open 2016 can participate.
    • You have to choose a time period when you register for this event. (Be careful to not conflict with your official events.)
    • You can register ONLY by sending an e-mail with the requested information to the hungarianopen.info@gmail.com e-mail address.
    • During your 1,5 hour you will be responsible for all the cubes, and we will count them at the end of the attempt and if there are missing pieces you have to pay for them.
    • Accepting registrations for Mosaic Building will be done according to the chronological order of the full registrations.
    • You can find the possible time periods HERE
    Deadline of the registration: 23rd of October, 2016

  • Speed scrambling::

  • At this game all participants will get a scramble sheet and the goal of the game is to scramble your cube as fast as possible. The winner of the game is who can scramble the cube the fastest and correctly.

    For this game you don't need to register in advance, it will be possible at the venue, before the start of the game only.