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Bosnia and Herzegovina Open 2016!
We consider a registration complete, when the WCA ID has been connected to the WCA account, or if the competitor has not competed before, but has a complete WCA account, providing all the personal data. Accepting completed registrations are on a first come first serve basis.

Steps of the registration:

1) To register to the competition you will need to create a WCA account. If you have competed at an official WCA competition before, you need to register with the same name you already competed. (For example: If your full name is Andrew Peter Sample and you competed already as Andrew Peter Sample, you can't register as Peter Sample, even if you are not using your other name.) And use an e-mail address that you already used for WCA registration and which you check regularly. You will get a confirmation link in e-mail and by clicking on that your Account will be validated.

2) You have to give your personal data to finish your Account. Sign in with your WCA Account and click to the "Notifications". There will be a "Your profile is incomplete" link. Click here and provide your Gender, Birthdate and Country to finish your account. (If it's your first competition and don't have a WCA ID you finished your Account and you can skip step 3) and go to step 4). You will have to do step 3) only after the competition.)

3) If you already have a WCA ID (if you have competed at an official WCA competition) you need to connect your WCA ID to your WCA account. Sign in with your WCA Account and click to the "Notifications". There will be a "Connect your WCA ID to your account" link. If you click on that you can write in your WCA ID (or you can simply search for it by typing your name in). To finish this you will need to choose a delegate, who's competition you already participated at to confirm your request. (In a lot of cases the system will offer you a delegate, but you can choose other if you want. For example: Olivér Perge.) Please keep in mind that connecting WCA ID-s and WCA Accounts can take a few days.

4) After having a full WCA account you can register to the competition in the WCA website.

Please keep in mind, that accepting the registrations is not automatic so the process can take a few days.

If you would like to change your registration, write an e-mail to the europe.cubing@gmail.com e-mail address.

The deadline of registration is:
15. April 2015. 23:59*

*This deadline applies to the changing requests about the registered events and to the grouping as well.