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Hungarian Open 2014 !
The Hungarian Open 2014 is a speedcubing competition. Anyone can participate, who is familiar with the WCA Regulation, accept it and meet the competition’s criterias.

Registration fee (paid on site):
For competitors (competing in 3x3x3 event only): 500 Ft
For competitors (competing in other event(s) as well): 1.000 Ft
For competitors who register on-site (it's allowed only in 3x3x3 event): 1.000 Ft

Competitors limit: 200 people

Date: 17-19. October 2014

Venue: Danubius Hotel Gellért
Friday: Zene Room (2nd floor)
Saturday, Sunday: Tea Salon (1st floor)

Address: 1. Szent Gellért square, Budapest 1111

Live results can be found here.

5x5x5 4x4x4
Clock Pyraminx
Megaminx Skewb