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This website is mostly dedicated for hosting WCA competitions in the Eastern-European region,
organized by Niki Placskó and Olivér Perge.

Upcoming competitions:

Hungarian Nationals 2017

Past competitions:

B.O.N.D. Open 2017

Hungarian Open 2016 Slovakian Open 2016 European Championship 2016 Czech Open 2016 Bosnia and Herzegovina Open 2016 Hungarian Nationals 2016

B.O.N.D. Open 2016 Brno Open 2016

B.O.N.D. Open 2015 Brno Open 2015 Hungarian Nationals 2015 Bratislava No-Cutoff Open 2015 Czech Open 2015 Slovakian Open 2015

Hungarian Open 2015 Prague Open 2015 Bratislava Open 2015

Czech Open 2014 Croatian Open 2014 Prague Open 2014 Slovakian Open 2014 Hungarian Open 2014 Bratislava Open 2014

If you have any question about the competitions, the regulation or anything else we can help, feel free to ask on the: e-mail address.